Multi-layered Focus

Many people think that as we specialize in the de-risking of digital transformations, we must therefore only offer “technology related services”. However, this is far from the truth.

De-risking digital transformation

As experts in the field of de-risking digital transformations, our work covers technology related services plus all the other aspects surrounding the introduction of digital technologies - including the organization, information governance, business processes, structuring changes, project delivery risk management, change leadership and change management.

Benefit from our holistic approach

Our holistic approach to de-risking digital transformation projects means that we consult and advise clients in a broad range of areas and help deliver a number of beneficial outcomes as detailed below.

Acquire a digital advantage

We solve complex digital challenges and provide clients with the advice required to enable their companies to thrive in our complex and increasingly competitive world.
Which of these areas can we help you with?
  • Digital strategy and roadmap development
  • Digital project and programme reviews
  • Digital solution option analysis
  • Digital procurement evaluations
  • Digital transformation and change
  • IT Governance
  • Data governance
  • Compliance verification
  • Capability reviews and strategy development
  • Data protection and privacy

Better align your organisation to support strategy

We can help release your organisation's performance by developing the capacities required to support your business strategy.


  • Workforce analysis and planning
  • Capability assessments
  • Capability development (training and leadership development)
  • Agile training


  • Business process maturity/assessments
  • Business process optimisation


  • Developing technology architectures that support people to work effectively

Critical Risks

Effective strategy execution requires knowing and managing critical risks. We identify, analyse and develop controls to better manage business risks in all 3 key areas.

People Risks

We assess, design and implement effective interventions that control people-related risks within your business.

Process Risks

We assess the operational utilisation and effectiveness of business processes then design and implement business improvement initiatives.

Technology Risks

We design and implement practices that capture and manage technology related risks and improve overall business outcomes.

Lead Change for Impact

Leverage our leadership and change management expertise to ensure your important business changes realise their intended impact and value is sustained.
With all the constant change, leaders today deserve all the assistance they can get. Our expert leadership development and coaching services are designed to:
  • Provide leading advice and development
  • Be flexible to the requirements of each leader
  • Support leaders to achieve critical business goals​
  • Develop change-ready leaders
  • Provide practical development

Innovate for Agility

Future-proof your business by leveraging our innovation and business agility expertise. Leverage our ‘whole-brain approach’ to innovation and unlock new opportunities. Develop business agility through:

  • Change management
  • Business change readiness
  • Strategic change leadership
  • Customising Agile processes
  • Recommending leading practice for Agile teams
  • 1-day Agile fundamentals training course (across the organization as required)
  • Agile coaching (to pass on the batton and build confidence)
  • Developing an innovation culture

Implement with confidence

Expert program, project and change management implementation services to support important initiatives within your business.
  • Business Analysis | Change Management | Project Management | Solution Architecture
  • As a leading provider of consulting services, we know what it takes to deliver quality results on time and on budget. For this reason, we only work with the best people. Some of the benefits to you include:
    • Quality candidates with qualifications and experience
    • Reduced cost of attaining talent
    • Increased knowledge of business and industry trends and practices.