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COVID-19 response – risks when working from home

Marcel Wilson
Mar 21
In response to the threat of COVID-19 to our collective physical well being, this week, organizations in Australia initiated measures to enact the Government's advice for social distancing. These measures are required to slow the r.......

Three powerful strategies for de-risking digital transformations

Marcel Wilson
Aug 28
Imagine for a moment your house is to undergo a major renovation – a complete rebuild that, if all goes to plan, will transform its structure, function and appearance into something incredible. ‘Incredible’ is what the tra.......

Four factors for bridging the gap between digital transformations and corporate risk management

Marcel Wilson
Apr 29
Given the criticality and level of investment involved with digital transformation programs, it's only a matter of time before good management teams ask:   How do we control the risks associated with our organization's .......