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Assessing the value of disruptive technologies

Marcel Wilson
Apr 15
Following a presentation I had given to a group of CFO’s, an honest audience member shared with me his concerns. “How do you think Blockchain could impact my company”? I sensed through his hesitation that he feared unless d.......

Why is the ‘people factor’ always an important consideration when undertaking a digital transformation?

Marcel Wilson
Apr 12
The esteemed organizational theorist Chris Argyris wrote that each of us, to avoid vulnerability, risk, embarrassment, and the appearance of incompetence are predisposed to saying one thing and doing the other. People can’t hel.......

Transparency, data governance and trust – getting the basics right

Marcel Wilson
Mar 8
We’ve all heard the mantra of ‘people, people, people’. In other words, business success is dependent on fostering quality relationships with people. No matter if it’s customers, internal employees or third-party suppliers,.......