Case Studies

Health services provider de-risks their digital transformation

Industry: Mental Health Services
Organization: Youth Focus

When leading mental health services provider Youth Focus undertook a digital transformation to improve organizational efficiency

We implemented our de-risking services to ensure our Client realized the intended benefits and sustained value over time.

The Challenge

From its geographically dispersed locations, Youth Focus provides counselling services and a range of community interventions to support young people at-risk. In order to enable greater organizational efficiencies, a digital transformation was initiated.


The transformation would entail a new finance system to modernise bookkeeping, CRM to drive improved customer engagement, intranet to facilitate internal communication, a document management system to enhance information management and procedural standards to support industry accreditation.


This undertaking required alignment with business processes, quality technical solutions, engagement of stakeholders, embedding of change, careful orchestration, management of solution suppliers and effective risk controls.


Youth Focus’ Executive team didn’t want to take a chance with their organization’s important digital transformation. In order to realize the intended benefits, it was clear that the transformation effort required de-risking.

“Marcel has been instrumental in ensuring that the project was set up right, including the identification of key risks.  Marcel continues to be an important sounding board to me on IT matters.”
-Raj Thethy (General Manager Finance and Corporate Services)


How we helped

Human Sparks was asked to de-risk Youth Focus’ transformation by providing a governance role. We took a risk-based approach to structuring the transformation through:

  • Project management to align objectives, scope, delivery, benefits realization and address risks.
  • Supplier management including the establishment of contract management process.
  • Change management to maximise return on investment through stakeholders adopting changes and sustaining the value over time.
  • Workshops to engage and achieve buy-in from teams and functional stakeholders.
  • Development of improved data governance practices to address identified gaps in capability.
  • CIO advisory services to provide governance of IT-related capabilities.

In addition, Youth Focus also leveraged Human Sparks’ specialist de-risking App, ‘Looprisk’ ( in order to identify, manage and control risks throughout the transformation.


Value delivered

As a result of Human Sparks’ de-risking services, Youth Focus was able to undertake their transformation with confidence.


Our detailed plans and structures helped to provide Executives, staff and external solution partners with clarity about their respective roles; keeping the transformation focused on the intended benefits. Checks and measures throughout the transformation meant that risks could be identified and controlled before becoming costly issues.


Targeted reporting meant that Youth Focus’ Executive team could be sure that common pitfalls that waste time, incur cost and erode value could be proactively avoided.

Human Sparks services helped Youth Focus to:

  • Lower the overall transformation cost;
  • Streamline the transformation;
  • Improve the realisation of value.

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