COVID-19 response – risks when working from home

Marcel Wilson
Mar 21
COVID-19 is now a serious threat to company data as well as our physical well being

In response to the threat of COVID-19 to our collective physical well being, this week, organizations in Australia initiated measures to enact the Government’s advice for social distancing. These measures are required to slow the rate of infection in the community.

For many organizations, this response involved the introduction of a ‘work from home policy’ (for those employees able to do so). This risk control, while achieving its primary objective (social distancing to slow the spread of infection), has introduced a new risk to companies that threatens company data.

This risk relates to inadequate data governance capability to support working from home policies. If left uncontrolled, the negative impacts are long-term, costly and highly likely. 

Click here to download our risk infographic and find out more.

Human Sparks assists organizations to rapidly assess and develop their data governance practices. Human Sparks is currently advising a range of companies (large, medium and small) to prepare their data governance capabilities – including their COVID-19 responses strategies. 

To ensure your organization can effectively implement its COVID-19 work-from-home policy while also controlling critical data-related risks, ask Human Sparks about its data governance health check.

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