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Our team searched 'far and wide' for a quality risk management product suitable for helping teams to manage the treacherous risk landscape of digital transformations.

In short - we couldn't find one. So we created our own. It’s called Looprisk.

Why you need Looprisk

Looprisk is a simple yet powerful web application that is designed to enable teams to de-risk digital transformations.

First of its kind

Looprisk is the first to bring risk awareness, cost based tracking, and team accountability to digital transformations.

Designed to feel like a social app, Looprisk lets your team apply leading risk management practices without it feeling like an unwanted compliance exercise.

Offering great features, such as a powerful library of digital transformation risks and associated controls, team collaboration and cost impact monitoring, Looprisk makes de-risking digital transformation simple and intuitive.

Looprisk specifically suits digital transformation teams in mid-to-large sized companies with turnovers between $50M and $4B and staff numbers between 50 to 4,000 people.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Identify, evaluate and control digital transformation risks
  • Leverage a powerful library of known digital transformation risks and effective controls
  • Monitor risk exposure at each stage of your transformation
  • Collaborate for increased accountability

Backed by Human Sparks

Looprisk is backed by a team of skilled consultants that specialise in de-risking digital transformations. Human Sparks team continually adds-to and updates the risk and control templates within Looprisk to reflect emerging trends, research findings and industry leading practice.


Pricing is based on $55 monthly fee per user; paid monthly (admin accounts with full features).

Collaborators with view and comment access are free of charge with a current admin subscription.

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